Westleton is a picture book village, with everything a village should have. There’s a village green, where the annual Barrel Fair takes place in August, and open air film screenings; there’s a duck pond, and a 14th century thatched roofed church, which regularly hosts classical music concerts, flower festivals etc. Westleton has two pubs, the White Horse and The Crown. Both  serve food, the White Horse doing mainly pub grub, while the restaurant at the Crown is of a very high standard. There is an excellent general store and post office in the village, a tea room/bakery, which also serves evening meals at the weekends (bring your own wine), a garage and a well-known second-hand bookshop. The village hall is lively, with frequent events such as quiz nights, dances, bring and buy sales and painting exhibitions.


From the village, there are beautiful walks in all directions - to Minsmere, Dunwich, Eastbridge, Walberswick and beyond.


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Barn Owls July 2022

The jackdaws successfully fledged from the 'barn owl box' in the spring.  A barn owl has since reoccupied the nest box so we are hopeful that we will get a successful breeding pair next year.

Barn Owls 2022

Unfortunately, this year the barn owl box has been taken over by jackdaws.  Barn owls have occupied the nest for 8 years with the jackdaws living in a separate compartment at the top. Breeding was successful in 7 of those 8 years.  Despite a barn owl occupying the nest box this winter,  the jackdaws made their move in the spring and they are now sitting on eggs.  Hopefully the barn owls will make a comeback next year!

Barn Owls 2021

In 2021 only 2 barn owl chicks fledged.  This is one of the chicks after it had been ringed.

4th June 2021 - a blurry pic of first Barn Owl chick to hatch this year.   This is the first of 5 eggs to hatch.  The first egg was laid on 2nd May and hatched on 2nd June.

Barn Owls 2020

8th July 2020 - Suffolk Community Barn Owl Project came to check on the nest box today.  We were delighted to discover there are 3 chicks in there - 44, 42 and 36/37 days old.  We took the opportunity to clean and straighten the camera so we've got a better view of whats going on inside the box now

The Barn Owls stayed in the nest box throughout winter and produced a clutch of eggs this spring.  Unfortunately, the camera got knocked out of position so we couldn't see the eggs or chicks very clearly. At the moment there are two healthy looking chicks in the box, who we hope to see fledging in the next few weeks.  If we manage to get any decent photos, we'll post them on the news page and Twitter.